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I am so upset about the evil people running this country. Probably not all the people signing the Trampcare bill are actually evil, but they are callous at least. How dare they refer to themselves as pro-life and try to put this into effect: it's anti-life. You cannot say "you can't have an abortion because every life is sacred" and then deny health care to mother and child. It is cruel and inhumane.

Whose was the demonic mind that decided that rape and domestic violence could be classed as pre-existing conditions and therefore make the victim ineligible for healthcare? Evil. This is the injustice that cries to heaven.

Who among us does not have a pre-existing condition? Ever had acne? That's a pre-existing condition. Had a C-section? That's a pre-existing condition. As are acid reflux, anxiety, and obesity.

Shame on Congress. Woe to the Republican party. We need prophets, not profits.